Clarity is Key

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want and how to get it.  I recently realized that what is most important isn’t necessarily what I want, but that I have set a goal to achieve something and that I stay focused on achieving it.  For instance, those goals I’ve been setting for myself everyday have become a source of satisfaction and disappointment.  How can that be? Well, when I set a goal and move toward it, even if it’s something like “Go to the grocery store” I feel overall accomplished, motivated and amped to tackle something else.  But when I don’t complete that task or goal, I feel overwhelmed and disappointed in myself that I didn’t get it done.  When I scale that thought (as I blow up most things in my mind), I can see this as something that happens in life in general: it really doesn’t matter what you set out to do, it’s more about whether you embody the discipline and persistence to accomplish your goal.

This is where CLARITY enters.
In order to accomplish anything, you have to set a clear goal, clearly identify the task or walk the 5 blocks to the store. I mean, for real.

Author Brian Tracy says, “Clarity is everything. To perform at your very best and double your productivity, you must be absolutely clear about what you want to accomplish.”  He goes on to say that a clear goal “must be believable and achievable, specific and measurable.”

So creating everyday tasks is the right idea, but I think we must also take this as an overall ideal for our life. What do I want to accomplish in the next 5, 10 , 15 years?  What will I want to tell my grandkids that I did?  Thinking like this helps me get clear about career, but also opens my heart and mind to other awesome goals like volunteering, traveling, and crossing some things off of my bucket list (i.e. driving across country–anybody up for a road trip?!?)

When I get clear about what I want to accomplish, I get less scared.  I currently feel more assured about myself than I ever have before.  This knowing what I want to do helps me be better at saying ‘no’ to things that don’t fall in line with my goal, it helps me budget my money and begin to plan for the future.  I am settled in the fact that there are no explicit right or wrong choices (regarding life paths people!), but just chances to make clear choices that groove with our soul and our God-given talents.

Dance is my passion. Period. No more wiggling around. I’m here. This is what I am doing.

What can you shout out loud? What are you sure about? I’d actually really love to know. I WILL find you some sort of resource/connection that will be helpful to your journey. It’s just what I do.

Practical Resource Corner: I found this blog about making cold calls/emails helpful this week. I set out to connect with a NY dance agency to give feedback on my new site. Using Marcy Twete‘s method I got a response! Check out the blog here.

Love you! I really do-ooo!!


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